Angelina Jolie to Adopt from Armenia?

YEREVAN, May 26 (RIA Novosti) – Armenia’s Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs said on Tuesday it had no information on reported plans by Hollywood star Angelina Jolie to adopt an Armenian baby.

The head of the ministry’s department for children, Lena Airapetyan, said Armenia’s authorities do not grant privileges to celebrity couples, and that Jolie and Pitt would have to go through all the standard procedures necessary for adoption.

“They must provide full information on biographies, annual profit, a guarantee that they can take care of a child, and proof of a lack of previous convictions. If everything passes smoothly, a child could be adopted within a month,” she said.

The official said however that “they give me great hope as I have heard that they take good care of adopted children.”

Angelina Jolie’s adoption consultant, Dr. Ronald Federici, founder of Advocates for Children in Therapy, could not be reached for comment.



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