About Dr. Federici, Angelina Jolie’s Adoption Consultant

Dr. Ron Federici is an expert in the neuropsychiatric evaluation of internationally adopted children. He has been involved in lobbying in the USA to improve policies and procedures for international adoptions and is actively involved in humanitarian aid programs seeking to address the child welfare crisis in Romania. He is the father of seven adopted children from Eastern Europe.


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One response to “About Dr. Federici, Angelina Jolie’s Adoption Consultant

  1. LeAnn Brown

    Help. I am a single, now mother, of a child from Tanzania Africa. I just adopted him July and I am in need of help getting a US Visa to take him home. Because I was notified of my child needing adoption via private channels, I am now being accused of child buying and may not get a Visa to go home. I am desperate. I went to my congressman and now the embassy is retaliating against me and questioning me. I really need Angelina’s help as the ambassador. I have done nothing wrong. I am from Iowa but now live in Atlanta Georgia. My employer will not hold my job much longer as I have been here since May 5. Please help me.

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